Electronic Organs

Where there is insufficent space for a pipe organ, an electronic organ is a good option. The sound can be made almost identical and with proper and appropriate design for the building an electronic can work quite well.

We manufacture a line of analog electronic organs which we have been perfecting for over twenty-five years. Our early installations stand up well against today's digitally sampled organs and generally outperform any of the other instuments of their day. Concentrating more on custom voicing the sounds in the installation as we would a pipe organ, the result is usually better than attempting to "cut and paste" digital samplings of pipe organs in other buildings. After 25 years our ealiest instruments are still performing as new and have required very little attention.

Our present organs are made up of our own swiching and coupling systems, tone generator systems, preset memory systems, amplifiers and speakers, and of course our own consoles. These systems have proven extremely reliable over the years and so we continue to offer this tried and proven product. As an added bonus, our instruments do not become obsolete!

Our latest design of tone generator is a compact 61-note one voice rank. These units are economical enough to make practical a system using a separate generator, amplifier and speaker for each stop. The dimension and depth of such a system is virtually unheard in the typical digital system in use today.

We can still supply simple electronic organs from around $6500. Call us for more details 604-850-6622


. . . LISTEN to an ANTHONY JOHN ELLIS model 2500 organ. . .. . . . . . .Recordings made at Yarrow Alliance Church shortly after installation 1982 or 1983

Recently came across this old tape - Surprising accoustics for such a small wooden A-frame building.

Note that some studio reverb has been added to the last 1/2 second of some of these where recordings had to be cut abruptly during editing.

Otherwise completely natural. This installation was not fitted with electronic fx.

Last track (Theatre or Concert style) demonstates our unique multi tremulant feature. This organ has 10 ranks with 10 amplifiers and 10 speakers spread around the room. (decaphonic stereo??) including seven separate trumulants! Composed and played by J. Ellis (arranged by/played by in Old Hundredth) Click on links below

.Extemporize . . .. . . . . . .Celeste. . .. . . . . . .Crescendo. . .. . . . . . .Tubular Bells. . .. . . . . . .Old Hundredth. . .. . . . . . .Concert Organ


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