ELLIS Electronics Ltd.

Ellis Electronics was established by Jack Ellis in 1967 in Abbotsford BC as a small manufacturer of Guitar Amplifiers and related electronic equipment, while experimenting with designs for electronic organs.

In 1981 it was incorporated into Ellis Electronics Ltd. Several original designs in electronic organs had been developed at this point. After several experimental organs had been made in the seventies, a standardized system was being developed. This first application for this technology was a control unit for a pipe organ in Vancouver. Soon afterwards a complete electronic organ was developed using our pipe organ control equipment and modularized tone generators. The trade name of   ANTHONY JOHN ELLIS CHURCH ORGANS   came to be used for our instruments

As of today, some twenty-five organs have been built and installed by us or rebuilt using our products.

With the recent interest in vacuum tube technology we are once again offering some new guitar amplifier products based on this old but proven system.

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