Ellis Electronics Ltd

Ellis Electronics started building Guitar Amplifiers in 1967 when vacuum tube (valve) technology was standard, custom building equipment for many bands in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area. Typical units would use Canadian made Hammond power and output transformers, and RSC or Marsland 'Hawk' series speakers. 6L6 tubes were being turned out by several factories in Canada and the USA. Today, no one who works for a living can afford Hammond transformers, RSC has gone out of business, and Marsland long ago stopped production of guitar speakers.

With a fascination for the Hammond Organ we began experimenting with different ways of producing organ sounds, and several organs were made, most of which are still in use. As our culture's love affair with the electric guitar was cooling off to a great degree, more emphasis was placed on organ development with a leaning towards classical organs inteneded for church installations. Modular systems were designed and manufacturing systems set up. Several unique new products were developed which are still being produced today.

In recent years organ playing in churches has declined, but at the same time the electric guitar has come back even stronger than before and the demand for good quality vacuum tube amplifiers has brought us back into the guitar business. With tubes again available from the Eastern countries, we are able to produce brand new instruments based on the old favourite designs.

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