Jack Ellis--------------samples

Songs recorded in 2014 at Imperial Street Studio

Between Flashback recording sessions or when the other members weren't available I used the time to experiment with some completely multitracked productions.

Now that my first solo album has been released online I have removed the mp3 files from this site to avoid copyright conflicts.

Songs from the album "GOOD LUCK CHARM" can now be heard in 30 second samples on -IITUNES - Amazon - and- Google Play

My music is available on LOUDR and PANDORA in many areas other than Canada

Also complete songs or even the complete album can be heard without charge on - Deezer, - Rdio -and - Spotify -

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-------Songs: -King Creole ----Save The Last Dance For Me-----Devil In Disguise-----Here Comes The Sun - --

Take Me Home Country Roads - -Fool Such As I-----Good Luck Charm ----She's Not You

---- YOU TUBE Country Roads VIDEO---

-----YOUTUBE Good Luck Charm VIDEO--

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Songs recorded in 2014 at Imperial Street Studio- ----- -- -- -

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Your Wildest Dreams-- - - -

Penny Lane -

Here Comes The Sun------------------------------ - - - z

I Can See Clearly Now


Wonderful Land-

We Can Work It Out------

I'll Be Back



Who Has Known

One Bread One Body

Within a Stable

Within a Stable Alto

Within a Stable Tenor

Within a Stable Bass

O Come All Ye Faithful (Video)