Ellis Electronics Ltd


The idea came from having a collection of perfectly good but apparently obsolete tube equipment which I kept avoiding throwing out, hoping to find a use in the future. The low powered amplifiers seemed to have no purpose in the presence of cheap solid-state watts, and the old speakers with their low power handling capacity also had no purpose. The idea of carefully selecting and combining some of these good old systems and building them into new guitar amplifiers was inevitable. In the absence of gargantuous quantities of power to dump into their voice coils to provide required sound levels, good speaker design was essential when these were originally built. After the first system was assembled and "brought to life" , connecting to a Fender Strat, it was clear we had a winner.

Each of these amplifiers is unique with specs and charactersitics depending on the components available. Most have 6V6 or EL84 power amplifiers in the 15 to 20 watt range matched with speakers by Jensen, Goodmans or Vitavox as they become available, typically in the 112 or 210 configuration. All new 12AX7 front ends and tone controls are built and blended in with the old components. Most have original Accutronic reverb systems and new bias modulated tremolo's. All units are enclosed in new vintgage looking tolex or tweed covered cabinets.

Latest amps in FRANKENSTEIN series

- 15 watt 112 combo based on Hammond M series amplifier and original 12" Jensen speaker. Built into new 5F8 chassis and with new long spring reverb

Just nearing completion - Unusual 410 combo with new SINGLE END power amplifier with 6550 output tube producing up to 18 watts.

Using Hammond JR-20 speakers on original baffle but accutronics digital reverb replaces the old oil-filled spring reverb.