Ellis Electronics Ltd


1967 - 2017

Brand new guitar and bass amplifiers made to the original specs and designs of our first series of amplifiers. These were all piggy-back designs with black Fender-style speaker grilles and black "elephant" pattern tolex covering. Heads were made with the chassis on the bottom with aluminum finished slanted control panel with a black grille covered panel filling or black expanded metal grille in the front. Knobs were black with aluminum inserts and aluminum numbered skirts. Two toggle switches and red and green jewelled pilot lights completed the front panel. Some models had a second row of controls above, separated by a section of black grille. With original Hammond transformers. Completely point to point hand wired. No circuit boards or turret boards.

Steel chassis, Hammond "Classic Series" transformers, CTS Controls, Switchcraft Jacks, Carling toggle switches.

Tube complement: 2 6L6, 1 6SL7, 1 6SN7.

MADE IN CANADA . Projected MSRP starting at $900 cdn - including taxes




With short 3-spring reverb

Tube complement: 2- 6L6, 1- 12AT7, 2- 12AX7

100% Point to Point Hand Wired



With Long Spring Reverb and Bias Modulated Vibrato (tremolo)

Tube complement: 2- 6L6, 1- EL84, 3-12AX7.

100% Point to Point Hand Wired



These latest two models have an unusual output balance adjustment

which actually balances the sound level in the 6L6 output tubes rather than the usual idling current